First thing to do after u get up is??

July 24, 2009 6:53pm CST
HEY, mylot frineds. first thing to do after u get up is? To me, then first thing after i moved out from my bed is open my laptop and start even didnt change my cloth or wash my face, brush my teeth.,..but laptop would be the first thing to do. while, to my mum, her first thing to do is go to kichen and start to boild porridge. and my brother,his first thing to do is open TV and sit there and watching/lol my dad always got up start to wash hairs..rather than doing anything see...its funny right how about u? wt's the first thing to do to u? thanks for your reading hv a nice day
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• Philippines
28 Jul 09
first thing that i do after i woke up is to check my cellphone if there is a message. then i started to wash my face, brush my teeth
@bird123 (10526)
• United States
26 Jul 09
The first thing I do is look out a window to see what kind of weather is outside.
@shibham (17022)
• India
25 Jul 09
hi babyorchid. i always take my toothbrush and go to toilet. hehehe...
@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
25 Jul 09
Hehehe, I kind'a understand your morning routine there, babyorchid. (^_^ ) When we first had a computer, that was exactly my morning routine. I would wake up and also 'wake up' our computer so that I could browse online and do pretty much anything that I would do there. Check email, check other sites that I get notifications on, read and so on.. (^_^ ) When we still didn't have a computer but, we got our television with cable service, that was the first thing that I would do, 'wake up' the television (^_^") Of course, a little bit has changed now that I have to go to work. I only get a few moments to use the computer. Unlike before when I would start early and then cease around the afternoon (^_^") It would be later on that I would try to wash my face or the usual that I am suppose to do. Mom would be preparing packed lunch and breakfast for those who would be waking early to get to work.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
25 Jul 09
Well, I'm assuming that you mean beyond the first thing out of bed is going to the restroom. After that, it is turning on my computer for the day and getting myself a drink, then checking the old email.