How Many Times??

@rodney850 (2145)
United States
July 28, 2009 3:10pm CST
Now that Chrysler and GM have come out of Bankruptcy, exactly how long do you believe it will be before they are in the same situation again? Of course they will get there again because they are still conducting business the same old way! The unions still refuse to make few concesions if any at all and continue to contend that they have to make the exorbent salaries they are paid even though someone out of high school who passed auto shop could do 90% of the jobs there with no problem. Lets face it, just exactly how hard is it to turn wrenches and use a few power tools?(and don't think I am speaking out of ignorance, I've turned wrenches for a living most of my life) With no salary concessions and the untenable mind-set of having to come up with a new model every year and no ease of pricing on the consumer, it is only a matter of time. My ultimate question is: When they do get in trouble again will they still be deemed as to large to fail and if so just exactly how many times do we bail them out at the expense of our future generations?
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@Destiny007 (5820)
• United States
29 Jul 09
Chrysler has been bailed out a couple of times before. I don't think they will get much more help. GM is now owned by the government, so they don't have to succeed. Ford took no money and I just read where they have now posted a profit. I think the taxpayers just had a lot of money wasted.
• United States
29 Jul 09
I see this as a never ending cycle. Until American's buy american made products more or Chrysler and GM find a way to be more competitive in the market than they will be asking more more money and often.