Do you iron your own clothes?

@maezee (32570)
United States
July 28, 2009 7:55pm CST
Which do you decide to iron? (For example, do you only iron your work clothes, or do you iron your casual clothes, such as jeans, too?) I'm curious to know who does this. I just learned how to iron (I'm 19..and not really domesticated, so it's a big thing for me) - and I LOVE it!! And I've pretty much ironed everything in my closet. . What about you? Do you like ironing, or do you do it only on a need-to basis?
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1 Aug 09
well when i had a job i ironed my shirt all the time but never my pants because my pants really never got wrinkled i always put them in my closet and i have alot of clothes so they all just push together and it kind of gets straight on its own. and the iron was always on because my mom would get ready in the morning also so it only took me a couple minutes to iron the shirt. and no i don't like ironing i burned myself too many times on it. i find ironing pointless sometimes.
@Wizzywig (7859)
29 Jul 09
After about 40 years of ironing, I do mine on a strictly 'need to' basis!! Its usually just my work tops and sometimes the trousers. Anything else just gets hung up in the hope that any creases will fall out. If I see something in a clothes shop that looks like it will need a lot of ironing, I just dont buy it!