Does anyone use typewriters anymore?

United States
@phyrre (2354)
August 8, 2009 6:43pm CST
I was really wondering this lately because my husband thought I was nearly crazy when I told him I wanted a new typewriter. He didn't know why I would want one when I have a computer. But when I write, I like to do it somewhere peaceful and I don't want to be distracted. I've got a cemetery by the house with beautiful trees and benches that would make a perfect, quiet place to work (no through traffic or anything and on a back road), but I don't want to bring my computer over there. not to mention that I have wireless internet on my computer and I am very bad at resisting temptation. If I can get on the internet, I will. So my solution was to get a new typewriter. I had one years ago that I used to use for typing, back before we had a computer that would print, and I liked it. It was a pain when it came to editing and fixing mistakes, but I type better now and usually don't make too many errors, so that wouldn't be as much of a big deal. Plus, there are some that are $50 and less, which wouldn't be a bad investment as long as I used it. But then I got to thinking does anyone really use typewriters anymore? We've got two antique ones at the house that I don't want to put new ribbon into because the keys aren't quite up to par, so they wouldn't work well anyway (true antiques LOL). But I don't really hear of too many people using them nowadays. Do you use a typewriter for anything?