Why does religion discriminate against women?

@Pose123 (21627)
August 11, 2009 8:26am CST
In today's world women are increasingly taking their rightful place beside men in almost every occupation with one big exception and that is religion. Sadly it is true that most of the gains that women have made in the past one hundred years has been in spite of religion. No other group or organization has fought so hard against women's rights as had religion. Even today many Christian churches state clearly that women cannot be priests or ministers. Islam places even more restrictions upon women as I believe some other religions do, although I don't have enough knowledge of those to make comment here. As far as Christianity is concerned I know that such is not the teachings of Jesus Christ and I have been told by those who should know, that it is not the teachings of Muhammad either. Before you Christians start running for your Bibles to tell me that St. Paul said, "let the women keep silent in the churches", let me remind you that we can also quote the Bible in support of slavery and genocide as well as other atrocities. It is known that women were Priests and Deacons in the early Christian Church, but were quietly pushed aside by men who than tried to make sure that they never regained that position. It is time for ordinary men and women to stand up for equal rights in the church as well as in other institutions and professions. If your church refuses to treat women as equals with men, all fair minded people should stand up and say, this is enough and be willing to break with their church if that is what it takes.