Why do people feel that they HAVE to start wild fires?

United States
@Loverbear (4929)
August 14, 2009 2:09am CST
I live in California, and it seems like we are the home of arsonists! We can't make it through a year without some idiot starting a wild fire. There is one burning now, about 75 miles away from my home, but I am currently getting full benefit of the smoke and particulates. These wouldn't be so bad except that I have asthma caused by second hand smoke (I took care of my Mom for the last 17 years of her life and she smoked like a dozen chimneys!) and I can't go outside for more than a few minutes because of the intensity of the smoke. Why do people feel that they have to start wild fires? Sure there is a LOT of excitement from the sirens and fire engines...but the destruction is even worse! The La Brea fire has charred over 50,000 acres! And it's only 10% contained. They have to air lift the fire fighters into the area to fight the fire because of the terrain. It is now heading for homes and there have been evacuations. Beautiful hundred year old trees are now ashes, animals are displaced or destroyed, other growth is gone, the erosion will be disastrous if we have heavy rains this winter, the mud slides will destroy even more! The costs for our beleaguered budget are enormous as the fire has been going on for days and days...and there are at least 1500 fire fighters plus air support (I counted at least three tankers that take off and land at our local airport plus spotter planes)and the earth movers that are cutting fire breaks. The costs will amount to millions for a fire that was started by some idiots that wanted to watch natural beauty go up in smoke and have a good laugh while they watched the red lights as listen to the sirens. Why in the world do these idiots feel the need to destroy our natural areas by fire? Why do they have to light the fires and endanger lives of not only the wild creatures but the lives of the humans who fight the fires, live around the fire area and even those people who live away from the actual fires? I am sitting in my living room and my eyes are burning from the smoke and my breathing is difficult from the particulate matter int he air. It is such a waste to strike that match and watch the show.... I hope they catch the morons!