Do you think it will make good business?

August 16, 2009 3:02am CST
Recently, I read from the paper that a german company is launching shoe and glove products to fit the difference sizes of left and right feet and hands. Isn't it a creative thought and a bold undertaking. Do you think it will make good business?
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@webearn99 (1744)
• India
16 Aug 09
I think it might be customizing shoes and gloves to suit asymmetric development of limbs. It would be a good business but a very limited on. It all depends on the publicity campaign which may just convince the normally normal to believe they are not so normal and so customized shoes and gloves will in fact guide us to be normally normal. It is usually the spin put on a campaign that sells an Idea.
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• United States
17 Aug 09
What a wonderful idea! There are many people who have to buy two pairs of shoes or gloves because of size differences. A friend of mine is stuck with this, so she spends twice for a single pair. As a business, I don't know how it could fail. Not everyone needs these products, but those who do are sure to become loyal and grateful customers!
@thea09 (18324)
• Greece
16 Aug 09
Hi zhuhuifen, well he wouldn't be able to market them as pairs, it wouldn't work, he'd need to sell individual shoes but then ensure that one for each foot was bought. The only way it would work properly is to offer a handmade shoe service for each customer, I suppose that could work if he did it with measurements provided first. Good business? Depends how many people out there have odd feet and hear about the service.
@aiwener (37)
• China
16 Aug 09
Oh,I think this plan may trouble ourselves for common people.Most of people cannot accept this kind of asymmetric shoes. While this may help athletes to improve their achievements.
@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
16 Aug 09
I don't think so. Normal people won't like unmatch thing. How can you have enough confidence to use unmatch shoes on your left and right leg? I think only crazy people will like it, or celebrity who wants to make sensation. For us, civil people, such things are useless. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.