University of Wyoming (in the US)

@maezee (33932)
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August 16, 2009 6:59pm CST
Has anyone heard anything of the University of Wyoming? I'm curious to know what it's reputation is; and whether it's a good or bad one. Another question: Has anyone ever GONE to this university in particular? And would you like to give me a genuine (although brief) review of it? And what I can expect for going there? (And whether or not, based on your opinion, you think I Should to begin with). I'd love to hear from alumni or anyone who has anything to say about it. I'm truly curious to know what it's like from an insider OR outsiders point of view. Thanks in advance to those of you who contribute!
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22 Aug 09
It is not the best school out there, but it does have decent programs, or so I have heard. The location is not the best(Wyoming is a pretty rural state). As with most universities though, it is all what you make of it. You could go to Yale and not work hard and get very little out of it, or you could go to some podunk bottom ranked school and work your butt off and come out a lot better for it.
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17 Aug 09
I have never attended the University of Wyoming, but I can tell you that any major state school will provide you with many opportunities. I'm sure it would be a great place to get your degree. Is it Harvard or Yale? No. But, large state schools generally have pretty good reputations, especially in the area they are located.