Is money everything in life?

August 19, 2009 4:50am CST
I am working as an internal auditor in an automobile dealership and we have hired the services of a chartered accountant who does statuary audit once in a year.He is a miser and a complete hoarder of money.On many occasions i have seen him exploiting his staff for money.Though he is a billionaire but he does not have the heart to spend money.Last night i got a call from my colleague that his (C.A.'s) only son has committed suicide.He was just 23 years old and was studying in a premier institute.To me it was very shocking and tragic and i am feeling very sorry for the departed soul. This incident has really touched me and forced me to think that money is not everything in life.For that young boy money was not at all a problem,after all he is inherited with billion of rupees and properties.He was going to be an engineer next year and placement was not at all a problem because he was studying in a reputed institute.There was something more crucial and serious which provoked him to take this extreme step.May be he was not happy and there might be certain things which were bothering him too much and which could not be solved by money. What is your take on this?