You get rejected because that person is gay, do you feel a little comfort?

United States
August 20, 2009 10:07pm CST
If you fall in love with a girl, or fall in love with a guy, You got rejected by that person, because you thought that he/ she found someone better than you, speaking of competition. Ironically, at the end, he/she rejected you, because he/she is gay. Can you find this fact a little bit more comforting that you thought you lose a battle to another guy, if you are a guy and fall in love with a girl? Life sometimes just full of surprise.
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@maezee (33011)
• United States
21 Aug 09
Yes! I can understand why it might help you a little bit. Becuase if you know they're gay, you usually know that it wasnt' YOU that they didn't like - it's your gender as a whole.
• United States
21 Aug 09
exactly, and thanks for clear it out!
@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
27 Aug 09
Hello clorissa, it's so nice that you want to be friends with jolly and gay people, they are so nice to have around to cheer yourself up with. I think it would be lovely for you dear to fall in love with a lovely nice young gay man, so much better than a grumpy one. But remember what I told you before dear, just because you think you might be in love is no reason to marry him, no matter how gay and cheerful he is.
@kitty42 (3912)
• United States
25 Aug 09
Hi clorissa123 This is funny, I can't say for sure but I do feel I may have rejected because of this, I asked was told no, but my gut told me different so I don't know, it sucks cause he is such a wonderful person I miss his friendship. if he would have told me yes I still would have been his friend thats how great a person he is, not his fault I can't control my hormones
@Tianna2 (1274)
• United States
22 Aug 09
Hi, I think I might be upset with myself for falling for someone if I didnt have anything to offer them, but if I fell for a guy that was gay, I would completely understand his reasoning. I think it would still hurt for a while but I think I would understand. Hugs Tianna
@Theresaaiza (10484)
• Australia
21 Aug 09
I have never wooed a guy so I don't know how rejection in that aspect feels like. I guess if I would be rejected by a guy because he's gay, then I'd say I had nothing to lose. Because a gay most likely won't be happy with a girl. So he won't be happy with me and my love and efforts for him would all just be in vain. I would appreciate his honesty because he won't let me suffer in the end.
@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
21 Aug 09
To learn I was rejected because the girl I was trying to get with is a lesbian is a great relief... It helps a lot to know it's not something I did wrong. It's also a great turn-on and a new quest: what if I can get her to like me of all men, or at least allow me to be some kind of a part in her lesbian relationships
@zoey7879 (3104)
• United States
21 Aug 09
I know exactly how that feels... Except that the two people in question were in the closet and didnt come out until after the end of our relationship together.. sigh.. lol