what is the worst restaurant service you ever experience?

United States
August 24, 2009 8:05pm CST
Yesterday was Sunday, my good friends and I went out for lunch at Papadeux. We were brought a nice table sit by the Window side, and we were waiting for the waiter to come pick our orders. After a few minutes, the waiter come on over to take our orders, and rushly step away to go to another table to chat with his regular customers, I guess. My friend suppose to order some soup, but since he is busy with others, and even we waved our hands high, he was not seeing it. After our entree served, I almost finish my Sprite. He didn't even come on over to refill our drinks. I have to ask another waiter to get me one, which he glad to do so. He didn't even come back to ask us how were the meals. After everything is done, he just came over collec the plates, and shove us the bill, which I paid him with cash including tips in. He didn't even ask us if we want need change or so, he just took the check with cash, and saying "have a good day". What an inexperienced waiter. Am I too picky, or he just not the professional waiter type? What is your worst restaurant experience? share with us here.
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@jillhill (37383)
• United States
25 Aug 09
Mine was very similiar to yours.....my granddaughter, my son and I went to a restaurant...she is only four and was very hungry....we got seated then two other tables got seated after us.....well the waitress went to the other tables first....and then it took forever for us to get our food.....we almost walked out...my son let them know when he paid the bill that we were not happy.....I think it's rude to wait on someone that has been seated after another table....and if they knew they were behind in cooking our order they should have let us know....and compensated us with a dessert or something!
• United States
25 Aug 09
Here, I just want to the waiter know that we want some of his attention, not entirely. I am sure that he was busy with other customers, especially his regular customers. Don't treat us like we don't have money to pay or anything like that. If you serve us good, we still gonna pay you good tips too.
@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
27 Aug 09
Well clorissa I have to tell you that my bad experience put me off going back to this restaurant for a long time. There were four of us sitting down to order a nice meal and we all ordered soup. Well as the waiter was bringing the soup he sort of fell over clutching his heart (not to mention spilling boiling soup on himself) and you know we never did get served that night, what with all the tooing and frooing and ambulances. Never a thought for us still waiting for our soup, and he didn't even die you know dear.
@Downwindz (2231)
• Netherlands
25 Aug 09
I think there is a lot of good storys out there for this discussion. Ive had quite a few fairly interesting visits to the restaurents, both positive and negative. I think my worst story is from a restaurant when i was in Plzen, Czeck Republic, we where a group of aproximately 10people, who where going out for the dinner, we found a restuarant fairly close to the hotel we staying at. We where shown to the tables in the basement so there was room to put us all at the same table, they took our orders for drinks and then once the drinks was served they took orders for starters and main course, just like a regular restaurant, so we where pleased. But then the trouble started. We had to wait for about 40minutes to get our starter! (I had ordered a shrimp cocktail salad) Hey its a starter, they normally dont take longer than 10minutes or so to finish and server for your customers. Then we got the starters which wasnt amazing at all either. After that we waited also like 1hr on our main course, which neither was things you normally would wait that long to get served. During the meals they didnt check up for drinks or anything either, so we where really pissed off and left no tips what so ever when we left the restaurant, including it in our mind never to go there again. - We found out afterwards they had a huge party on the first floor which they where serving at the same time, but for the sake of hungry people, if you know you cant serve them in standard time you should close any other tables you have. But we wherent told anything at all during the time we where waiting.