Would u let a person satisfied in all respects with life choose to die?

@vandana7 (66816)
August 27, 2009 6:31pm CST
Actually this was a controversy raked by one Indian author by name Vijay Tendulkar, if I remember right. He cited an example of a vegetable vendor who became a rich man, and reached a level when he had everything that he ever aspired for. Having reached that status he felt he had no further desires remaining and therefore, he wanted to move to the next stage, i.e., death. Many people suggested he should take up some social work, and so on. If a person doesnt want to do social work, should he be forced to do it? Will his heart be there in that? The vegetable vendor turned millionaire clearly mentioned he is not interested in anything, and therefore wants to be allowed to end his life. What would ur call be in similar situation?
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• Australia
28 Aug 09
I don't believe anyone but the person him/herself has the right to decide this question, although those close to him/her probably have a duty to debate the question and try to change his/her mind. But the final decision is nobody else's to make. Lash
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@vandana7 (66816)
• India
29 Aug 09
I couldnt agree more. :-) Thanks u for responding. :-) Have a nice day. :-)
• Australia
31 Aug 09
Thank you for the BR. Lash
@thea09 (18324)
• Greece
29 Aug 09
Hi vandana, this is an interesting one as I think we should all have the right to choose to die when we wish but the question usually arises concerning those with terminal diseases who are suffering and need help to put an end to it, with that issue I believe their wishes should be respected. However in this instance the rich man could use his money to travel and learn more from other cultures, which might reawaken his intersts. Certainly if he has no interest in social work he should not be forced to do it, but he has a rare opportunity to enjoy and and think about life whilst having total security.