eating healthy

August 27, 2009 8:54pm CST
Are you a healthy eater or are you tempted towards fried foods?
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• India
27 Mar 13
Thanks for this discussion, too much of any thing is bad, this is true for spices, oils, chilly, sweets etc, we are human, we should eat good healthy food cooked in home only, occasionally we may eat out side. we have select good places of eating lol.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
12 Mar 13
sometimes i am a healthy eater and sometimes i am tempted towards fried foods especially when i am tired,because frying is the most easiest way of cooking of a food,but sometimes when i am in mood to cook fresh vegetables then i will cook it.
@dubagee (34)
• United States
9 May 11
I have to thank my willpower because I have absolutely NO desire to eat anything unhealthy. Honestly, put a piece of cake in front of me or a huge piece of salmon and I will eat the entire piece of salmon (even if it's 2 pounds worth)... the cake means nothing to me. Same goes for fried foods too.
@KMPierce (165)
• United States
4 Sep 09
I don't really get into fried foods, but I do at times crave unhealthy foods. I try to eat healthy but at times fail.
@mrsctb7 (120)
• United States
29 Aug 09
I love eating healthy! I no longer am tempted by fried foods (except for french fries!). You see, I'm married to a Texan, and he loves anything and everything fried, but I know that no matter how you "healthify" frying something, like using olive oil, or just aerosol spray a non-stick skillet, it's still not as healthy as cooking in a different way. By the way, my husband loves how I cook, and yes, every once in awhile, I make him some treats the way he lives them, but I won't eat them!
@sameroad (3180)
• United States
28 Aug 09
i eat healthy but i also eat fried foods here and there. i eat a lot of junk food too sometimes but for the most part i am a healthy eater. i try and watch what i eat a little bit and make sure to get fruits and veggies every day. eating healthy is important so i can be healthy. when i don't eat un-healthy i can tell the difference in how my body feels when i do eat healthy.
@jazzsue58 (2672)
28 Aug 09
I try to eat healthty, but it's difficult. You THINK you're doing your best, but then you realise what rubbish you've been eating in reality. Frying has nothing to do with it. Let me explain ... Recently, I was lucky enough to stay in an area with a lot of small, local farms. I brought home eggs from chickens that had last been seen sheltering from the rain under my car while eating the biscuit I'd dropped, and bacon bought from an "Old McDonald" type farm, where they cured the pork themselves and sold it from a fridge in the (tractor) garage. In other words, what I brought home were good, honest eggs and bacon produced as they were 100 years ago. Let me tell you, I GORGED myself on fried breakfasts that week, and didn't feel guilty once. My body knew it was taking in nutrition as well as calories and boy, did I feel better for it. I now know why I gave up on fried breakfasts years ago. Water, chemicals, factory-made animal feed ... and that's the so-called "organic" versions - as stocked by supermarkets. Unless you grow your own, or live near an old fashioned farm, you can't eat healthily any more. Government legislation won't let you.