Philippines at its best during the Marcos regime?

August 28, 2009 7:58am CST
By far, the best philippines happened during the time of Marcos. The economy of the philippines is at its best during his time. The philippines is very well ahead of its neighboring countries. He made a lot of good for the country, but for a duration of some years, until his great power caught up with him declaring martial law. During the martial law, the economy is still great and at its strongest perhaps. But martial law has its downside; CPP NPA was formed and many rights of every filipino were limited and violated, and many more. But during this time, crime rate plummeted because of curfew, the economy grew stronger. But not until cronies began corrupting our nations wealth... The healthy economy of the philippines became a very sick economy Every good things always have its end... Our best philippines ended during his time and it never recovered since then... Even the democracy we are proud to have can't help... What's next for the philippines' future?