What is your favorite academic subject at/during high school or in college?

September 2, 2009 4:45am CST
academic subject study - Learning is a continue process and the academics subjects being study in schools help to develop the inner growth of the personality of a person.
You attended classes during your primary, secondary and tertiary level of education. During your stay, or your current schools; What are your favorite subjects? I like the subjects like history and science. I have earn better grades and sometimes get exempted during the final exams based on my good performance in the first trinal and midterm exam. I find history as a very informative and full of interesting topics which tackles various places and events of the history. Then, Science open my eyes to know the real facts against fiction, It offers a lot of evidence which proves a phenomena as a real fact and not just based on theory. How about you? Could you tell me about your favorite academics subjects? Why do you find them interesting?