How do you get your child to sleep?

United States
September 5, 2009 1:26pm CST
I am a new mom trying the Ferber method. So far no louck, but it has only been one very LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG night. Listening to my child cry all night was painful for everyone involved. Have you had success with the Ferber method or have you tried something else. What helps your child sleep through the night?
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• India
8 Sep 09
I'm a mother of 2yr old and little over 4 months, his sleeping patterns are set. I ensure that he well fed before i put him to sleep. I also give him a warm water bath which actually sets him for a good night sleep. The lights are all switched off and absouletly no play time is allowed once he is on the bed. I keep his sippy cup handy and avoid getting up till he is put to sleep. It is tiring undoubtedly but only for few days til you set the pattern for the kid. All the best.
@cmercado (20)
• Philippines
7 Sep 09
i am a mother old a 2 yr old boy...before i get pregnant i was able to read a magazine about parenting. one of the articles said do not play with your child when he wakes up at night. so that he will have same sleeping hours as you. i did this when my son was born. it also happened that he is not the type of kid who would cry all night. well, sometimes he cry but not so long.....he will only cry if he wants milk or he has poop. after that he will sleep especially if i let him sleep on my chest....i don't know if it's bad but he get to sleep for a long hour if i wrap him in my arms.
@much2say (40507)
• United States
6 Sep 09
I, too, am not familiar with the Ferber method. We were very routine with our baby from the get go, and after 12 weeks, she was able to sleep through the night. Some would say we were too strict about routine, but hey, we were sleeping and these other parents were not. First we made sure our baby was fed fully at each feeding (that helps establish their metabolism). Then we played with our baby after each feeding (only during the day) and then let her sleep in a timely manner. At bedtime, she got her bath and we kept it low key so she understood it was nighttime. We think the feeding, playing, and naptime routines helped her body to understand / differentiate day from night - and she eventually slept through the night all on her own. We never had to rock her or do any little extras to help her fall asleep. Now our "baby" is nearly 5 years old, but she is still a great sleeper. She will occasionally wake up if she's scared or thirsty or has to go to the bathroom, but keeping her physically active during the day will knock her out! :) Best of luck!!
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
5 Sep 09
I wish that I could help you here, but first of all, I don't know the Ferber method. As far as getting my children to sleep through the night when they were little, it was actually quite easy for me. Both of them were pretty good sleepers from the time that they were born. They woke only two times per night for the first six weeks of their lives and then started sleeping in six to seven hours stretches after that. One thing that I did with them to help sleep train them was after the first few weeks when they would awaken during the night (the slept in the same room with me) I would let them cry for five minutes. If they hadn't settled down within that time, then I would attend to them, but frequently they settled themselves down during that time and would go back to sleep.