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September 10, 2009 10:42pm CST
I want to work from home. Maybe, start my own little business. Just something easy like making things. I love crafts and I want to do something once work wise in my life that I can enjoy. So, the question is what do I want to make and how do I get it all started? Any Ideas ppl? I really would like to do this but, just need a little bit of help in the what to do first area. So, if you have any idea or could give me even a few tips that would be very nice of you!!! So, please let me know anything you have on "What to do first!" Thanks!!! **Peace and Love will get you through everything**
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11 Sep 09
I haven't seen you on here in a long time, good to see u. I know nothing about crafts but do know how to start a buisness but never had one at home. here to have a home buisness it has to be approved by the city board, u will have to have a license, have to pay commercial garbage rates & no telling what else our town would come up with. U might check all that out first w/your town board or whatever u have.
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@maryihla (104)
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11 Sep 09
A craft business can be profitable, but like any successful business, requires hard work and dedication. Do some online research on marketing crafts to find out how these types of businesses work and what it entails to set one up. First you have to decide exactly what crafts you want to sell. Try to zone in on one specific craft, such as handmade jewelry or folk painting. Determine your target market. For example if you're creating custom t-shirts for children, your target market would include parents (especially moms) and grandparents. Research craft businesses and home-based businesses online. Search for sites that sell the same type of products you would like to market. Gather information on the process of setting up a business, such as choosing whether to set up as a sole proprietor or an LLC. Decide on a name for your business and write both a business and marketing plan. Create a sample variety of products to use for photography and to hone your crafting skills. Handmade products must be of superior quality to sell well. Eventually you will need to find a hosting company and a Web designer, as well as registering a domain name. A professional-looking site is paramount to success in the online craft market. Here are my favorite sites (NO AFFILIATE LINKS): http://www.indiebizchicks.com http://www.craftboom.com http://mommadethat.com http://sparkplugging.com http://www.theworkathomewoman.com http://www.handmadeforprofit.com http://www.etsy.com
@tammytwo (4303)
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21 Sep 09
First, you should look around and see what is selling in your area. Then you need to find something that can be profitable, something that won't cost more to make than you can charge to sell it. There are usually nice things that go through phases in popularity each year. You may want to make more than one item or you may just focus on one item to begin with. Decide if you want to sell online or just in your local area. Get pricing of items you will need to make the item and get a few supplies to make a sample or two. Maybe try selling a few of the items and getting response from people. I believe food items sell well in most areas if you can make something like candies, jams, jellies, etc. Or maybe even candles and this is a repeat item that people will buy over and over. Good luck with whatever you decide!
@Humbug25 (12551)
19 Sep 09
Hi ya Carpathian How about getting some clay and making some fridge magnets? Roll the clay out and then use some shaped cookie cutters, push a small magnet into the back of them, wait til they dry and then paint them. Or maybe you try your hand at making something with french knitting? I have made coasters with French knitting but I guess you good create all sorts. Hope that helps
@AmbiePam (50114)
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11 Sep 09
All I know is that some people here on mylot, and a couple of people I know offline, sell their stuff on etsy.com. You've probably heard of that site before though. Lilybug, I think sells her fudge on ebay as well. But I could be wrong. I often am.
@onlydia (2808)
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11 Sep 09
YOu can check out your crafts sales and ask the ladies there how they have started and how much money it will end up costing. Plus Flee markets are a good place as well. But other wise not to sure on how to start. That is why I work for someone else.But good luck and I hope you make it. Your friend onlydia