Should you be allowed to wear piercings to work?

United States
September 13, 2009 8:35am CST
I think if you work somewhere that you don't work with the public it is alright to have peircings. No one is really seeing you. You always want to make a good impression to people you work with and others around you. If you work in a public place whee people see you I don't think it would ok to wear peircings. Some people are offended by that and it makes the company look bad. They want their customers to be happy. Happy customers is a person who will most likely to return. I know everyone has their own personality and piercings are how they show it and other ways. The work place is full of personalities and need to be respected. If you are a telemarketer or work for some kind of call center then all the customer hears is a voice. I think then it would be alright to wear piercings. If you worked in tattoo shop that would also be ok. It all depends on where you work.
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@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
14 Sep 09
I think earrings at work are okay if they are in the ears. I do not think they should be dangling down though. I do not think it is appropriate to wear them on any other parts fo the body where it can be seen either though.
@lumenmom (1996)
• United States
13 Sep 09
Before piercings were so popular, people would look at you strange if they saw piercings in unusual places (mainly other than in the ears). Now piercings, as well as tattoos are so widely accepted that people for the most part at not judged by having them and in fact some are more accepted because they do have them. I don't think companies are judged as much by whether or not their employees have piercings or tattoos. I work for a very professional non-profit social service agency where some of the top people are covered with tattoos and piercings and they are very well respected. My vote is that they can wear them as long as they acrry themselves as professionals when they need to. I personally do not have any (except one piercing in each of my ears) and no tattoos nor do I deisre to have any so I am not for them as a preference but I do believe in the right to have them.
@Wizzywig (7859)
13 Sep 09
I think people are far too quick to judge by appearances and dont think there's anything wrong with people having piercings/tattoos etc for work as long as there are no health and safety or hygeine issues. I think its very narrow minded for people to be offended by the way a person chooses to adorn their body. (No, I dont have any piercings or tattoos myself).