What is the lifespan of a Cricket?

Regina, Saskatchewan
September 14, 2009 11:29am CST
Cricket Monster - If he has a family, I'm screwed! LOL
Now normally I'm a pretty chirpy person myself, but today I'm about to lose my mind and get down right homicidal! I spent the weekend cooking and freezing dinners and such for the hubs while I'm away. The weather was lovely and I had all the doors in the house open letting the breezes blow through. Well apparently those breezes blew in a cricket too! Last night my and my trusty flash light prowled the house trying to corner THE cricket with the loudest chirp I've ever heard. Caught a few glimpses of it, but unlike me, it wasn't sleep deprived and could disappear in a flash. Do crickets not sleep? Why the hell do they chirp anyway? And why so loud? And why so consistently? It chirps and chirps and then stops and just as my heart rate is finally settling down to 'no longer jumping out of my chest', the damn thing starts up again from a totally different place!I'm also out of coffee this morning, so you can imagine my mood! I've a million things to do to get ready for my absence from the house for a few weeks, and the last thing I need is some INSECT driving me bonkers! My dog is no help, she just thumps her tail in tune to the chirps! Traitor dog! So what is the lifespan of a Cricket and how can I shorten it?