do u hav a habbit to listen the same song again and again...?

@udnisak (610)
September 20, 2009 2:10am CST
I love music. when i get depressed. sad it is a great way to cheer things up.. when i m listening to songs i have this strang habbit of liestening to the same song again and again aaaand agaaaaaaaain. sometime this agian and again thing exceeds more than 20. though really never count this has become a habbit. do you have this strange habbit..? or it is juzt me..
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• United States
21 Sep 09
I've never hit repeat that much. But I will go through phases where I'll listen to the same album day in and day out for a week or more. The songs just resonate with me and I can't stop listening. I think music hits something primal in us and when it hits just the right spot, we keep hitting that spot.
• United States
23 Sep 09
Thanks for the best response.
@amyson (3509)
• Philippines
12 Oct 09
yes,i have particular artist that is always listen to her songs from time to time.i feel happy by just listening to it especially if i am under stress.i also like to sings together when her song play.have a nice day.
• Philippines
20 Sep 09
Me too, i can even listen to my favorite s0ngs on a lo0p for the rest of my life.
@satan88 (586)
• United States Minor Outlying Islands
20 Sep 09
yea i do that all the time. i used to listen to this one song every time i studied for like 3 years. it was a good song and it helped me concentrate.