jinggoy's rebuttal and counter-strikes against lacson

September 23, 2009 8:16am CST
so, jingooy estrada is denying all the accusations leveled against him and his father erap by their erstwhile friend and supporter ping lacson. what are we to expect, of course, jinggoy will deny to death all those accusations and will rebut with the same accusations against lacson that we've hearing these again and again the passed years (like the kuratong baleleng and other massacres perpetrated by thje paoctf under lacson and erap himself (erap being the head of the task force when he was vp)). what we clearly see now, these are not just rumors as ping lacson and even jinggoy is now spilling a lot of beans and bringing out a skeletons form each other's closet for all to see while they try to wash their dirty linens in the public. onr thing is sure: they're both guilty of each other's accusations. both lacson and erap and jinggoy, because they were former colleagues or partners-in-crime, have blood in their hands. justice be to the families of dacer, corbito and bentain and the other victims of these criminals!
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@jules67 (2790)
• Philippines
25 Sep 09
I agree with you. I believe that they both have their respective parts on the crime. I believe that Erap has something to do with it. Since it was only Senator Lacson that was being pinned down, he thought that it is unfair since Erap had a big part on the said crime. Even if this happened a long time ago, we should still bring this out in the open and put in the proper courts.
@amijor (234)
• Philippines
24 Sep 09
It's a shame because even if the court can't find a direct link to either of the two both of them still know in their hearts (if they had one) that both parties participated to put down Dacer. Unproductive senators! That's what they are. Throwing mud to each others face as if in the one of them was innocent.
@Tantrums (949)
• Philippines
24 Sep 09
Both party and is guilty and both are lying through gritted teeth... Both are just protecting their self interest and to win some people if they win this case. Why won't they just shut up and have a fist fight first instead? I know they want to have a piece of each other and I know we all want to see some action as well...
@tholitz (1127)
• Philippines
24 Sep 09
Hi saluyot! I still believe that these accusation if ever true should be filed in proper forum such as in justice court and not become just a hearsay in the Senate. The privilege speech that our Senators have should be used properly and not in telling accusation that could not be proven right. Not to belittle the reputation of Senator Ping Lacson, but he have already done so many expose in the past which does not merit anything or proven right. Remember his accusation against the First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, that in the middle of all this mess he just could not produced any witnesses to proved that what he said was right. Maybe there's a truth about what he was saying about President Joseph Estrada, but the real question is why just telling it right now. Does he have participation in some of them, and now that he is being cornered in the Dacer-Corbito murder case, he will say all the bad things that President Estrada have done in the past to pin him down and put the focus or limelight to him. Just my opinion.
@rsa101 (14901)
• Quezon City, Philippines
24 Sep 09
Yes, I feel that both of these parties are hiding something to protect themselves. And both are taking the privileges of their being a senator in their own rights. Well I just hope that with these spilled beans one would come out to be true and the true initiator would be punished by the law if that is the case. I am thinking that both parties are really involve in these case and they are really pointing the fingers to each other to protect their own skins.
@salonga (27957)
• Philippines
23 Sep 09
Certainly they are both guilty. I believe in all the contents of the expose of Ping Lacson. Indeed Erap has something to be worried about these days. It is an open secret that he indeed has a hand in the abduction and killing of Bentain, an employee of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) who exposed Erap’s addiction to gambling by giving the then MTRCB Chairman Manoling Morato, Erap’s foe, with a videotape of Erap's gambling session with friend Atong Ang I think; and also the Bobby/Corbito slay case is also masterminded by Erap. On the other hand those exposed by Jinggoy against Ping in rebuttal are also true although they are old issues already. They are all criminals actually. They are beginning to expose each other's skeleton and I pray that sooner or later they will all have to pay for the price of the crimes they committed.