Would you be tempted by an attractive woman's invitation?

@suchi60 (913)
September 23, 2009 10:20pm CST
Let's forget all those diplomatic answers and be, for once, straight. I would and am sure most of those males here would too. So what exactly is it that attracts us males to women? Is it their looks or the way they behave? I'm sure there is a connection between the to, but which do you think attracts you more?
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@maezee (33940)
• United States
24 Sep 09
I'm not a guy so I don't think I should answer this..But hey! I'm going to anyway. Why not; what's the harm. I think it's honestly a mixture of looks AND confidence/behavior. It's really about 50%/50% in my opinion, or at least in my opinion of men. Looks are important, but holding yourself with dignity (OK, maybe not dignity..More like CONFIDENCE) is really important. Insecurities are unattractive.