Patriot votes for biracial President / Racist disagree with him

@wlee9696 (595)
United States
September 27, 2009 4:39am CST
Why is it that when you were voting for Obama you were a patriot for voting for a biracial presiden, yes although the "forgets" it he is biracial - not African America, yet if you disagree with his policies you're a racist?
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@bestboy19 (5482)
• United States
29 Sep 09
Obama may be biracial, but most people consider him black, because the black community wants to finally have a black President. Criticizing Obama is like saying he can't do the job. A black man can't handle the job. By criticizing Obama, you are criticizing all blacks, therefore, you are raciest. Black or white, I don't think he can handle the job.
@Rollo1 (16686)
• Boston, Massachusetts
28 Sep 09
The world is ready to jump on America for everything and take us to task for any perceived wrong or mistake and unfortunately, the liberals in America seem to want to do the same thing. We should be very proud of how far our society has come in these last few decades especially when it comes to civil rights and our rise out of racism. We should be proud that Americans voted for a black president. But just as the election results should tell us that Americans, on the whole, are not racists, so should the opposition that people express to his policies tell us that we are not racists. We are looking at issues, not the color of his skin. The problem is that a certain faction of the public and the media have not progressed as far as most Americans have. They fear that any disagreement is racism, and they fear racism more than anything. No, actually, they fear someone will think THEY are racists and they think the best way to make sure no one thinks that is to continually point the finger at someone else and accuse them of racism. They are consumed with the fear of racism, they see it around every corner, in every word and action. They are like the hysterical girls who accused the innocent of witchcraft in Salem back in the 1690s. Now Bill Clinton says that the vast right-wing conspiracy that went after him in the 90s has turned to another victim - Obama. He also thinks that there is a racist element in the opposition to Obama. If they are the same conspirators that went after him, and he's white, how is it that they now seek to destroy Obama because he's black? It's all ridiculous, and they don't even see how ridiculous they sound. They are too busy pointing fingers and crying "racism".