Has watching anime help you with your Japanese ?

September 27, 2009 1:01pm CST
Hello myLotters! I want to ask you if watching anime has helped you with comprehension and/or speaking. Does it help for example if you intend to take the JLPT ? For the Listening section at least. What do you think ?
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• Brazil
27 Sep 09
No, it doesn't help at all if you don't take classes or have at least a minimum knowledge already. i say that because you must be watching it with english or whatever your native language is subtitles. However, if you watch using japanese subtitles (if they exist) or without subtitles at all, then it should help you a lot to improve your skills.
• Romania
27 Sep 09
I am currently studying for the JLPT by myself and since I watch a couple of hours of anime everyday, I thought it might be of some use. Of course, I can understand some phrases, but I am thinking of switching to something more realistic like news podcasts or tv series.
@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
13 Aug 11
I guess it helped me a little. I learned a bit about japanese greetings and culture. I'm quite familiar now on the expression japanese usually use. I think anime is a big factor why I want to learn more about japanese language.
@Montblanc (141)
• Canada
1 Feb 10
A little, I guess.=/
@keinah2 (303)
• Philippines
25 Jan 10
I can really say that watching anime helped me alot with my japanese. Because of watching anime, I can talk and understand japanese now. I can also read and write. I just need a little polishing to be done. Another way to learn japanese is to listen to jpop. I admit, it took me a little long to advance in my japanese skills and up until now I haven't mastered everything yet (I still have to learn level 2-3 kanji) but watching anime ang listening to japanese songs can really help you a lot.
@zhangscu (59)
• China
20 Nov 09
It helps a lot to watch Japanese animes when you already have some basic knowledge. Listen and thick deliberately when watching. Don't just read the subtitles and laugh. Watashi wa "Saiunkoku Monogatari" to iu anime ga daisuki desu. Kimi mo chotto mite kudasai! Ganbattene~!
• Canada
30 Oct 09
I'm trying to learn a different language at the moment, so I had to halt my learning of Japanese (I only had a couple lessons anyway). But if I was learning, I'd say it would help a lot. I mean, I'm not even trying to learn at the moment and I pick up some words now and then. Sometimes, I'll even say Japanese words out of the blue (in accordance to the present situation, not randomly saying random Japanese words.) I also tend to notice how different the sentence structures are compared to English.
• India
13 Oct 09
Yeah I guess I can say that watching anime has helped me in picking up a few words in Japanese.I can under stand a few sentences now and am now able to speak a few words too..
@swirlz (3136)
• Philippines
7 Oct 09
What's JLPT? I have no intention of going pro, but watching anime has helped me a lot with the language, and it's fun and exciting to think that I'm actually learning something new. And it's a fun way of learning too.
• Indonesia
4 Oct 09
well, in my case, it helps me a lot, either in the vocabulary, kanji, hearing and also motivation. . . I have to admit, that watching without sub it's quite hard, but that motivate me to learn more, soo maybe in the future, I can watch anime without sub, because sometimes the sub kinda blocking the pic here, -_-
@saizo6 (2211)
• United States
30 Sep 09
I'm not really trying to learn the Japanese language or anything so I can't say that watching anime has helped me to learn and comprehend the language. However, I have been able to pick up various phrases from watching a lot of anime. I do know a few people who are taking the Japanese language course at my college and they mentioned that watching anime does help them to improve their understanding a bit.
• Canada
27 Sep 09
Watching Anime helps me with my Japanese learning a lot. I don't think it'll help a lot when you don't have any Japanese knowledge and you are completely relying on the subtitles. I understand some Japanese already, and language learning is like rolling a snowball, once you get some, the snowball rapidly becomes bigger and bigger as more are added on. I was born in Japan, and spent a very short amount of my childhood there, so that's why I can understand some. I'm also taking Japanese in high school, which helps as well. Listening to the dialogues and looking at the subtitles at the same time really helps improve my listening and comprehending skills. So yeah, I love anime, and being able to improve my Japanese is one of the reasons I love anime so much!
@leoling (173)
• Singapore
27 Sep 09
I think it help me alot in learning Japanese. I am anime lover, so sometime will familiar to some Japanese word and know the meaning.