If you couldn't find your right match even at the age of 30, will you worry?

@arunmails (3013)
September 30, 2009 12:01pm CST
Hi friends, finding the right match for our life is very much important. If you get the perfect life partner, then your life will be so blessed and happy. If you don't get the perfect match, then you have to look after your life to make it better. My question is, if you could not the right match even at the age of 30, will you worry or you will search desperately?
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
8 Nov 09
Im already worrying at this early stage in my life.LOL Well, Im not really looking for it but there have been times in high school and now in college wherein Im being left behind by the times. Most of my peers in high school have someone who they have a mutual understanding of, then there are also those who were already engaged in relationships. Makes me wonder how come I havent had that kind of connection. Well, thinking about it I guess I was not that interested in anyone during that time. I also was not looking for one but did look down on myself as to why no one took an interest in me in that way. Upon closer examination, I have resolved that most guys think Im one of the guys so they look at me in a different light than the other girls. Which actually works best for me cause in that way I didnt have any issues with any of them. Now that Ive matured, Im still not looking at this moment, but I am aware of the time/age 'limit'. I might worry but I will never search desperately cause that might mean I was just with someone because I was afraid of growing old alone. I dont mind growing old without a partner, if that is what God wills.
@Hatley (164486)
• Garden Grove, California
30 Sep 09
hi arunmails well never give up as I found the love of my' life when I was just thirty and we were married for 43 years.they were great years with ups and downs and tears'and a lot of laughter, yes laughter my husband had a rich sense of humor and kept me happy. so never give up the right person 'is out there somewhere just waiting for you.
@rusty2rusty (6766)
• Defiance, Ohio
30 Sep 09
No, I will not worry if I do not find my right match by age 30. I am 38 years old now. I am married. But will be moving away with my younger children in a few weeks. Leaving my husband and teen behind. The teen is eighteen years old and his choice. I am not worried about not finding my match. I have been married twice now and not looking forward to doing any kind of searching. I think it is best for me to find out who the real me is first.