Fell down last night and hurt my knee!

United States
October 3, 2009 1:50pm CST
I was still at work when this happen! I work in a kitchen and I was going to put away some utensils when I tripped over some mats! The mats were in a pile because the floor was being swept and moped. I had to get over the mates but I ended up tripping on them! I fell right on my right knee! Ouch! It hurt like heck and still does today! No supervisor was around when this happen. I called one before I left work so he knew what was going on. On Monday when I work again I'll have to fill out an accident report! No big deal! Last summer I slipped,at work,on some chicken juice and fell on the same knee! Oh well! It took about 2 weeks before my knee felt normal! I'm sure the same thing will happen this time,too!
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• China
4 Oct 09
hello, blue again, I have seen many of your discussion. I am sorry for your experience, and I hope that you are getting better now. I think every one should be more cautious when doing anything, sometimes small accident can be disaster, we should put saft in the first place!
• United States
8 Oct 09
I am being more careful and I'llmake sure the mats are moved to a different place from now on when the floor is being cleaned! That way no one can trip over them like I did!
@Hatley (164654)
• Garden Grove, California
3 Oct 09
hi blue65packer wow things have not been too good for you. that was careless of whoever piled the mats in a ' place where you could trip and fall over them. OSHA could come down on your bosses over that. I had a strange accident happen to me just awhile back while I was shopping in Walmart. I was told that such and such an item was right around the corner from where I was standing. So I go around the corner, my eyes intent on the shelves, and do not see the iron poles laying on top of some boxes until my right knee banged into the end of one. Then I saw them and saw my knee was cut pretty deeply and bleeding. I had one large'band aid in my purse so stuck that on, and hurried out to the GoldCrest van waiting for me outside. Yara, our activities director said I should have told the store manager'but I just wanted to get home and off that knee.
• United States
8 Oct 09
Sorry to hear you accident story! Yikes! Happy Mylotting!
@thea09 (18324)
• Greece
23 Oct 09
Hi blue packet is this another repeat of the other discusson which you made about hurting your knee and being sure it would just get better in a week or two as we really are encouraged to make original discussions but I'm sure that I'm wrong and that this knee injury is a different knee injury to the previous one which probably just indicates that you are extremely accident prone and should take more care of even start wearing rubber knee caps whilst in the work place.
@jugsjugs (13045)
3 Oct 09
I hope your knee gets better soon.
@home415 (118)
• United States
3 Oct 09
Ya that is bad and kinda ironic that it happen 2 times. If it still hurts for long time go see a doctor. Or see one if you can see the bone sticking out. Those are 2 of the many signs to get help.