Fried Chicken

@cjfoust (614)
United States
October 3, 2009 9:33pm CST
I love fried chicken, fried with flour in oil. Lately I've seen on a few cooking shows that you can bake chicken with crushed cereal in stead of frying with flour and oil. My question is, what type of cereal do you use?? Any suggestions are appreciated, especially if you've tried this method yourself.
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@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
4 Oct 09
hi cjfoust I just used ordinary corn flakes and they gave' it a nice crunchy texture and the flavor was so good but I think you could use bran f lakes or any flake cereal' and it would be just fine as the chicken flavor will'drown out most of the cereal taste anyway.
@cjfoust (614)
• United States
4 Oct 09
Thanks for the response! I was thinking it had to be something like that. I will definately have to try it this way. I was a little worried about the cereal flavor, but what you said makes a lot of sense! Thanks again!
@TrvlArrngr (4058)
• United States
11 Oct 09
you can crush most of the plain cereals like rice crispies, chex, and corn flakes and use that to coat your chicken. It changes it up a bit.
@jesssp (2742)
• Canada
5 Oct 09
My mom always used corn flakes and it was always good. I think I may have seen recipes calling for rice krispies too. One thing I've seen in recipes but never tried is using crushed potato chips. Not excactly health food but there are so many flavors to try I'm sure some would be yummy!