What would happen if Earths gravity is the same as that of the Moon?

@Fulltank (2896)
October 4, 2009 7:28pm CST
I am approximately an 80 kg. person. And I'm overweight for my 5'8" height. And I'm struggling with it for the past 5 years now. Workouts don't have much affect on it. And dieting is not my preferred weight loss activity. How I wish the gravity here on Earth would be the same as that of the Moon. At least I would wiegh on less than 20kgs. Can I have your taught about this?
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@inedible (768)
• Singapore
5 Oct 09
Wouldn't that kill you faster? You'd be using less energy to move around, so if you don't diet, you're only going to get larger at a higher rate. And, well, I'm pretty sure a lot of people would die or be seriously injured if the Earth's gravity suddenly changed. Earth vehicles, building, tools, etc are designed for use on Earth. I'm not sure what would happen to buildings, but I do think a lot of vehicles would suddenly become very unsafe.
@idtrebor (53)
• United States
5 Oct 09
Hi fulltank, if your weight was lower from the gravity, you would still be big, not overweight, but big! and thats still unhealthy for you., You need to cut back on junk food, get off the sodas, lots of sugar, and eat less portions at meal times. Do one step at a time, not all at once, stop over eating while you can, not when you have to! then its to late the damage is done, so do your self a big favor, start today. Good luck
@spalladino (17924)
• United States
5 Oct 09
You might feel lighter with no gravity but you would still weigh the same. Have you ever tried going on a low carb, high protein diet? This kind of diet doesn't leave you feeling like you're starved all of the time and is a good way to lose weight. I don't know what kind of workouts you've been doing but working out with weights is a good way of not only losing weight, they tone and firm whatever areas you concentrate on.