A bad experience with Microworkers

October 9, 2009 6:26am CST
I heard good reviews about microworkers.com. Its a site which has tasks similar to Mylot. So I decided to join it. There are not many tasks available. The tasks are set by members along with the rules and the renumeration. I picked up a task to join a forum using the provided link. I was required to add three posts/comments and then submit the username in microworkers. I should not already be the member of the forum. And the post should not be short like Yes or No or Thank you. I joined the forum and made three comments(reply to three separate discussions). Then submitted the username I had used. Later when I checked if had been paid, I saw that my work was rejected. The reason was that two of my comments were not long enough. And that I should make longer comments. My comments were of one line each consisting of around ten words and was to the point and in line with the discussion. If he/she wanted long comments then he/she should have mentioned it in the task rules, instead of just saying that we should not reply Yes or No or Thank you. I went to the forum again and added long posts of about 4-5 lines. However my task remained rejected. I decided to check the forum. The forum had set a referral contest and the rule was that the referral should make one post at least. There was no rule about the length of the post. So the person who set the task in microworkers made his own rule about adding three post. Then he/she rejected the completed tasks. This way he/she did not loose his money and also managed to get the referrals for the contest. The contest prize amount was around $25 for the month. There was no complaint link on the site. Nor was there any way to challenge the rejection of the task. So in the end I did not get paid for my work and the other person got me as referral for free. I quit working in microworkers after this. I hope others don't have such an experience.