UGH!! My computer was in the shop for a week...

United States
October 19, 2009 8:32pm CST
... and when I came back I literally had HUNDREDS of emails!! Most of them I just deleted, but now I just feel so behind. I can't wait to get caught up on my writing sites and emails! Don't you just hate when you can't access the internet at all for a week or more? I don't mind going 2-3 days without it, but almost a week and a half, and I feel soo behind on many things, how about you?
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@GoGirl149 (154)
• Canada
20 Oct 09
I don't think I could go for more than 2 days without access to the internet. If anything were to happen to my computer I would head to my local library or internet cafe and use a computer there.
@snowy22315 (50997)
• United States
20 Oct 09
I had that issue earlier this year. It was the pits. I was lucky that I had a laptop here I could use as a back up, but it wasnt the same. I missed my little computer so much. It was heartbreaking to be apart from it. It sounds like my child or something. It's strange isnt it?
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@EvrWonder (3577)
• Canada
8 Dec 09
Hello Bethany; Good Point! I know exactly how you feel about being over a week behind having not been able to be online. I travel, often so in the past I have found circumstances where I am without an internet connection and it does bother me. Simply for the reasons that you have described above. If I am offline for more than one week, I am so bombarded with emails, I am almost unable to recover. That's the worst part. What I've done to combat this problem, is be sure I have access to internet where ever I go. It is not practical to have two working computers, leaving one for back up in case the other has to go for repairs. In case of a computer problem, where my pc has to go into the shop, I would be devastated. I do have another computer but it is not online. The OS is back dated with Win95 so putting it online wouldn't be an option. I could upgrade it however and since reading this post, it may be a good idea to do just that! In conclusion, perhaps making some changes to my online activity is overdue. Time to clean house! I have so much going on that I can not keep up with everything, daily anyway. If I broke my projects down to one or two, not only could I focus better but then perhaps it would be small enough to manage daily and I could just vidit an internet cafe, should my PC go to the shop. Being behind on emails can be so overwhelming. Especially if you have over 100 once you get back online. I hope by now, that you are almost caught up.
• India
2 Dec 09
Hello my friend Bethany1202 Ji, Having no excess due to multi factors can have many raesons, I too did not have excess since three weeks now, so I am responding your discussion dated 20-Oct-09. But I would not like to delete, at present I have 263 alert messages,but I will honor each and every message and never remove them. After all, everyone here expects me to respond. Firstly, I was under transit to my hoe town, then my chidren and grand chidren came to us for spending quality time with me, then getting connected was another issue. Just three days back only, I am with you all. So just relax and sustain situaion. May God bless You and have a graet time.
@AmbiePam (49877)
• United States
20 Oct 09
I know what you mean. I was off the computer yesterday and up until this afternoon. I logged in and had 340 e-mails this afternoon. A lot of them were from gather and mylot discussion notifcations. But it takes a while to sort through, I know. After a week gone, I'm sure you're on overload now.
• United States
20 Oct 09
Good morning beth, I know exactly how u feel. I hate it when i am out of a computer. It is soooo much company to me that i am lost w/out iy. Glad u have yours back.
@Hatley (164507)
• Garden Grove, California
20 Oct 09
hi Bethany I feel for you and I was only off the internet for two days and a quarter of a day, and I was literally going bananas.I was so relieved when the repair person got me back on in just ten minutes of his time. time warner cable had had some sort of snafu on the cable and it knocked out service. but a whole week, and I can just imagine how many emails you had to go through. I had 200 and was only off for several days. You do have my sympathy for sure.I just hope this does not happen to me again as I use mylot earnings to pay my internet bill.
• Indonesia
20 Oct 09
wow you should routinely check your computer, because many store stole your component, two weeks ago my friend upgrade his RAM but the shop change his old RAM with different brand, you should aware.=)