Why do someone becomes addicted to computer games?

October 22, 2009 8:50am CST
Give some factors...
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• Canada
27 Oct 09
(1) It's a fun and entertaining activity; (2) it's an activity that doesn't require a lot of stamina, just sitting down and playing the game; (3) it allows the person to partake in a fantasy role that they cannot become in real life, such as being a swordsman and going on adventures or something a little more realistic like being in a band; (4) it enables the person to interact and become friends with other people around the world (due to the person maybe being shy or not having many friends where he lives); (5) the video game world is simpler and less complicated compared to the real world (so many concerns and problems with the real world, but none of it matters in the video game world); (6) the person has agorophobia (fear of the outside or large, open, or unfamiliar places); (7) the person has had traumatic or bad experiences dealing with people in the real world. The last two are kind of a long shot, but those are some of the factors I thought up of.
• United Kingdom
24 Oct 09
I love computer games myself and yes they are really addictive. I love the fact that they can take you to places that you cannot experience in real life. You can be anyone you want in a computer game. You can be a villain, you can be a hero trying to save the world, there's a whole lot of fun to be had in the world of computer gaming. I'm sure that I heard that they can also give your brain a good workout! There are games whereby you have to try and resolve a certain problem in order to progress to the next stage, this is really good. I think that gaming will certainly improve significantly over the coming years. Andrew
@ample03 (403)
• India
23 Oct 09
I think computer games cause a mental addiction and the addiction occurs because of the experience and the good feeling we get out of them. They provide fun and we never get bored to it. Sometimes it seems that some could escape from the reality by playing games 24x7 though it solely depends on a person too. I play games more than 4 to 5 hours a day and tend to talk with people about games very often. But I still exercise, and do meet with my friends and I go out a lot. I am scared that am I classified as an addicted too? Personally I feel that this is a great way to spend your spare time and it is good if they are nor played excessively.
@lynx17 (23)
• Pakistan
22 Oct 09
This question can be asked like "Why would someone waste his time watching an action movie ? " The answer clearly states "Entertainment" Today's games have been changed a lot.Now a computer or console gamer knows much about what will he get if he plays a particular game.. most of the people become popular and expert while playing Multiplayer games, which is an other factor why would somebody buy a game. Bottom line would be, Gamer plays it for Fun, Knowledge, Skills, Netwokring, money some times, and above all a complete package of Entertainment.
@dekada80 (388)
• Philippines
22 Oct 09
there's a lot of reason why someone could become addicted to computer games. Playing games brings excitement, joy, fun, happiness, challenge and camaraderie to those who plays specially online games. Also, one feels the freedom in everything depending on the games he played, he could be a part of the game or just an observer who just enjoy the beautiful and stunning graphics of the latest games. He can't even notice that time has passed by so quickly but still he wants more and that's addiction.
• India
22 Oct 09
i also the addicted of games. because this is your virtual world which imagine every time. here you are a hero. here you can done what you want and you great. i like adventure and fighting games and that will explore my mind. some person said that video game is bad habit but i think i gives us power to take fast dissension in negative situation. have a nice day dude
@SinfulRose (3529)
• Davao, Philippines
22 Oct 09
Well...games takes on a person's particular interest...that's for sure. It gives a person a certain control over things too. Of course in games, where you used time and effort, there are some prizes you earn..even though that person doesn't get it in reality. People love prizes and gains. Some just get curious what happens if he/she have this kind of amount of money in the game or level or whatsoever is in there...Sometimes, a person would love to level up to be more powerful in virtual reality or get certain items in games that takes on his/her interests...There may be many other things that affects a person's addiction but so far these are just what I got...
@klm007 (38)
• India
22 Oct 09
May be he can't do that in real life.Everyone likes watching footaball and only a few can plays for worldcup.But when it comes to game we are controlling the whole things.Like wise in GTA, sometimes we feel that we are living there.So there's no doubt why get addicted to it.