What's the difference between arrogance and confidence?

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October 26, 2009 7:35pm CST
I love love love me. Me is the best thing that happened to this world, and I know I am the only one of my kind. But I am not selfish, I am not greedy. I give back, volunteer endlessly, work hard for others and myself, and I do not compliment myself aloud when others are around. Saying it in my head or when I am alone in front of a mirror is good enough for me. I try to be as humble as I can, and always think about what is most just for everyone. What is the difference between arrogance and confidence? I believe people who flaunt their positive characteristics are arrogant, people who strut theirs are confident. What does everyone else think?
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@shiloh62 (46)
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28 Oct 09
Hello! Flaunting and strutting are excellent observations. Most of us have met many of both types of people,and I believe that the difference is in how they view achievements. The arrogant person constantly feels the need to justify these to others. They strive and achieve for thier own benefit. Perhaps they are not confident and capable at all. Inferiority complex? Maybe. The confident person knows his/her ability as well,however, leads by example. Sharing knowledge and success with others,and never taking credit for themself alone.
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2 Nov 09
Thank you for your response, that is definitely another good way to look at the differences between arrogance and confidence.
27 Oct 09
Being arrogant is loving yourself so much that you lose touch with other peoples feelings and become selfish and sometimes nasty. Being confident is a positive thing. But arrogance is not. Being confident gives you the drive to get things done, while being arrogant will hinder this as people like confident people not arrogant people
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27 Oct 09
Thanks for your response Skyeblue25! It'll definitely be helpful to keep in mind of myself and my surroundings. Definitely do not want to lose anyone I surround myself with.