Which is more valuable- Money, Diamond or Gold???

October 28, 2009 7:06am CST
Anyone can tell me which of the above three things are more valuable?? Money- We can use money to buy gold, diamond and others or many many thing.. Diamond- We must use money to buy it.. It must be after decorate or make out like something or a shape then only has its value... Gold- We can buy gold through money. It doesn't need to be any shape. Friends, i wanna ask a question.. If war is coming, which of the above you think is valuable??? Do you think that time people want your country's money?? You think diamond can exchange with food?? Who knows how to check whether that is real diamond??? Do you know what is the thing in the world that always has its value??? My conclusion is, i think gold is the most valuable thing in the world.. What is yours????