Do you use bluetooth headsets?

October 29, 2009 9:53pm CST
There is a lot of debate about the harmful effects of radiation from bluetooth headsets that can damage the brain. So do you still use such headsets? Or did you decide not to take the risk?
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@menulis (468)
• Indonesia
30 Oct 09
I have a device which support headset bluetooth and in my opinion the sound is great. However, i seldom use headset, i prefer listening from my audio player and home theater, so i dont use headset stereo, just because my habbit
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@snowy22315 (47061)
• United States
30 Oct 09
I dont use bluetooth. I have tried it before but I really dont like them. I find them hard to get used to. I prefer holding the cellphone in my hand and that is something that I am more comfortable with. I dont use my phone all that much though. I just think that I should probably try to get used to bluetooth it is the wave of the future.
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@borhan (1345)
• United States
30 Oct 09
I dont use the bluetooth devices. I have one but i dont feel much easy with that. Besides a small uneasy factor is there, due to it's probable radiation effects.
• India
31 Oct 09
yep there is something uncomfortable about them!
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
3 May 10
Sometimes i use the bluetooth technology but not really seldom as those people i can see that they have always their headsets everytime and everyday!!i think in some cases is comfortable..but normally i answer phone without them!!
@rosekiss (30273)
• Eugene, Oregon
30 Oct 09
My cell phone will support bluetooth, but I have never owned or used one. I have priced them, and they are very expensive, and I just don't think I need it that bad to pay $60 for one. I have even seen some higher than that, so it really isn't worth it to me. I don't talk on the phone while I am driving most times anyway. I would prefer to only talk when the car is parked and I can talk then, as I wouldn't be talking and drinving at the same time, which can be hard, as it can be a distraction. If I had a bluetooth, I wouldn't even use it at hone. I just don't think they are all that necessary, so I will forgo buying one. I do have a regular headphone though as it has a nic on it. I do use it for watching youtube videios, as it is ounds so much better. The regular headphones are half the price of the bluetooth. I hapenede to pick up the headhphones at the Verizon wireless booth in the mall. Take care and happy mylotting.