Would you take a pay-cut to save a co-workers job?

November 4, 2009 5:04pm CST
A friend of mine have just been given a simple choice at work: Either everyone accepts a pay-cut or they get rid of 100 employees. They all are really annoyed but agree that they don't have a choice. Nobody knows who the 100 people to go are. It could be you and certainly a pay-cut is better than no job. Have you been in the situation? What would you do?
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• United States
5 Nov 09
With the economy being so bad, I would be rather take a paycut because I would not want anyone to lose their job. My husband's pay was cut, but with no warning. My husband would have been okay with a paycut if we had been told this. My husband and I are on a very limited income and without this knowledge we were even tighter. I feel that if the employer is honest and tells his employees that their pay was being cut then it is ok.
8 Nov 09
It's hard though when you just get less money without warning as there are still the same bills to pay. Let's hope that salary is increased again once things get better.
@bounce58 (17523)
• Canada
4 Nov 09
I was in a similar situation. The company I work for started laying off people last Dec.08. It seemed like people were let go every month. Finally in the summer, management told us (did not ask us), that were getting a 5% pay cut to save a few people in the company. The lay offs stopped, and we're stuck with just 95% of our salary. The sad thing was, they announced this just about the time we were supposed to get our merit increases. So in reality, I lost about 15%.
8 Nov 09
That must have been hard. I don't think any companies did pay pay increases this year...