Do your kids come home from school hungry?

United States
@cream97 (29184)
November 14, 2009 9:57am CST
When I was younger and in school. I would be very hungry when I would come from school. You better have something cooked or I will tear the kitchen apart! Seriously, they don't give us enough of time to eat at lunch. When it was time for our lunch period to eat, we would have to walk. And it was a long walk, so by the time that we got to the cafeteria, the lines were very long. To wait on our food would take an extra 10 minutes. So, that takes away some of our eating time. I hated this so much!!!! I would bring cookies, cinnamon rolls back home with me after lunch. I would even ask my friend if she wanted a particular food off of her tray. If she did not want it, I would take it home with me. When I got home I was starving!!!! Most of the times, there would not be any food cooked at home. This made it even worst for me. Now my son comes home from school everyday hungry. I try not to get frustrated with him. I know how it is. I was the same way coming from school everyday. It is like I did not get enough to eat nor did I have the time to eat. I hate 30 minute lunch breaks! Can I get an Amen on that???