feel degraded

November 21, 2009 7:07pm CST
How do you react when you feel like someone's constantly looking at your back? I am really annoyed and I'm keeping it inside of me. I feel like I'm going to burst and at the same time I feel degraded. It's causing me to look down on myself. Have I done something wrong to deserve this?
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@Ysabel (1202)
• Philippines
1 Dec 09
so, MS strikes again? you know Ethan, like what they (the others) have replied to this discussion, even if she's constantly looking at your back, when you know that you are NOT doing anything wrong, then this should not scare you. "kasi wala syang mahuhuli, di ba?" . your conscience is clean, di ba? let her be. she's already getting old. he he he . im sure if you ignore her, she'll pick someone else to be her "favorite" for another month. you'll just get pissed off all the more if you will not ignore her.
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@geeann (11)
• Hong Kong
23 Nov 09
you might have done something in the past that makes the persons suspicious. open communication is the key. good luck!
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• Boston, Massachusetts
22 Nov 09
Hi Ethan, It seems like you are paranoid of something??? as in someone looking at your back? what does this mean? anyway she might be interested or attracted to you and that's the only way that she can catch your attention. Where is that feeling of being degraded coming from? why do you feel that way? please share some more so that i can respond to this correctly... i might be misinterpreting some lines here. Thanks ethan!
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@bird123 (10501)
• United States
22 Nov 09
Looking at your back?????? Seems strange. No one can guaranty the actions of another. Why do you feel degraded?? Are you going to be responsible for the actions of everybody?? Hmmmm??? What to do? Hmm?? Well, I have two choices. 1. put a sticky tab memo note on your back saying something funny. Then everyone's laughing. or 2. Communication is key in any interaction. Do some eye to eye communicating. People are always trying to avoid drama but what usually comes with drama is resolution. Do not let the actions of another make you fell less of yourself. There is no one in this world exactly like you. THAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL!!
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