Do you believe in intutions?

November 22, 2009 1:23am CST
Some people say that they have this power. They say that many of their intuitions came true.I do experience such things in a small way, but can't say it with authority though. How about you?
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@shobhan51 (376)
• Malaysia
25 Nov 09
Intuition???? What is it? Could we say 'Sixth sense'? If animals like dogs, cats and those in the wild have it , why not us? We are also part of the animal kingdom and probably endowed with it too. Mothers are those presumed to have an immense sixth sense guiding them in their protection of their children. This is evident in animals in the wild where the survival of the fittest is the rule.
• Philippines
24 Nov 09
I don't know if this is really an intuition as sometimes I have the feeling that is something happening bad at home and when I went home I am right, there was something happened. I have the fast beat of my pulse whenever there is a problem happening at home or even with my friends. sometimes I am so sad, and I had the feeling that one of my friend have a problem, I was never wrong. I can feel if everything is not ok without even saying it to me.
@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
22 Nov 09
Hi vijayanths, Intuition is the knowing of something without prior knowledge and everyone has this ability if they would get in touch with their inner self. I have experienced it more then once in my life and until we understand where it is coming from, it can be rather frightening for some. We can all develop intuition although some there will always be those who are naturals because they understand and see the truth more readily. Blessings.
@selvamr (26)
• India
22 Nov 09
All tution going students are not successful. iam saying this because now i taking tution class for 10th students. I know one student in my tution studying 10th std not knowing to multiply and divide the numbers, not knowing to write their school name in english. how can he pass 10th standard? because he did'nt strong in basic things.