What would do to make your angry girl friend happy again?

Guangzhou, China
November 27, 2009 10:09pm CST
Hi , There are some problems between me and my girl friend,who I just make so upset. Now I am so annoyed by this situation. Because she is unhappy now, and so Am I. Are there some method to help me to get me girl friend happy again.I want my girl friend can be happy as usually , and does not angry with me any more. Love her so much , I just can not solve the problem when she is angry with me. I am trying to find some ways to make her laugh and comfortable life. But there is still some time she will be unhappy. I am so annoyed then. What can I do ? Thank you for opinions.
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@happy2512 (1266)
• Philippines
28 Nov 09
For sure you know how to win her heart again. Just try to give her something that makes her happy in order for you to make it up to her with your mistakes done to her. Give her time to cool off don't force her if she is mad it might end up in a broken relationship. Time is all she needs to cool off.
@bulastika (5967)
• Philippines
28 Nov 09
Just wait for three days..she will cool off...they always do.. 1. Do some crazy thing..more crazy than what make her upset. 2. flooooweeeerrrrssssss! 3. Chhoooocccoooollaaaattteeesss! 4. Teeddddyyyyy bbbbeeaaarrr! 5. movies.. go watch movies.. 6. food my friend..food.. go out and eat.. If does things don't work.. 1. Just give her your face! she will give you a big smack and smuck 2. Go out with other girl..But be sure that she see you two.. IF she ask way you with her...Just tell her that your so depress you want to ask her how to win you back.. If she still not happy.. man...what you need is not my advice but a doctor..a very good doctor...
• Guangzhou, China
29 Nov 09
Thank you so much I think will try my best to make my girl fiend happy every day. Happy mylot.
@mariah_5 (97)
20 Dec 09
Well, Iam quite sure that you are well aware of the reasons that makes her unhappy, and if you are truly committed in your relationship, stop doing them, because girls are very emotional and tend to fall, for simple things which we consider silly. However you can win her back, by sending her flowers, gifts, or gifting her a pet [i.e, if she loves one] or a simple greeting card with a sorry note, may all work wonders sometimes.Remember girls love to hear, how much they are missed, or how much they are adored etc..etc.. but as happy said, give her some time to let cool, her mind, then you can try out the ways to please her.And if she's still angry, make her read the comment of bulastika, Iam sure she'll feel much lighter, hahaha...but I truly enjoyed reading your comment, it was the best man....oh...hahaha.
@rsa101 (16193)
• Quezon City, Philippines
18 Dec 09
Well I guess you have to know why she is unhappy about you then. From there you can start avoiding the things that makes her unhappy to be happy with you. I think the only reason why she cannot be happy would be when you are doing something that will annoy her and you keep on doing it over and over again.
@sid556 (31003)
• United States
13 Dec 09
What is making her so unhappy?