Is smoking generally accepted in your region, culture, and inner circle?

@maezee (32970)
United States
December 3, 2009 9:21pm CST
It seems like discussing smoking almost always ends in at least a few people lecturing you about the dangers of smoking. While I am aware of the dangers, I'm just curious to ask, in spite of all that, how smoking is typically seen within your community. Is it generally accepted where you live, and in your community? Or is it something you do and are looked down upon for it? Where do you live, and is smoking cigarettes generally accepted in your community?
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@Sreekala (23584)
• India
4 Dec 09
Hi maezee, I think smoking is purely a personal habit and nothing can do with religion. I never heard that smoking is prohibited in any religion. I know that some youngsters may avoid smoking in front of elder people just to show the respect. For your question, I think it is generally accepted in the community and those who people don’t like the smell of smoke may show some dislike otherwise nobody have the courage to prevent a person from smoking.
@1hopefulman (31539)
• Canada
4 Jan 10
There are some religions that frown on smoking like Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seven-day Adventists, Pentecostals, and Baptists to name a few. So far I have not met any member in these religions that smoke but that's not saying that there might not be some. Just, that I have not met one yet.
@1hopefulman (31539)
• Canada
4 Jan 10
I stopped smoking about 40 years ago. Most of my friends are non-smokers. Here the law is that one cannot smoke in any public place except the streets. Smoking has been banned in all restaurants. Smoking is no longer cool, hip, in, or whatever word is used today to describe as the thing to do.
• United States
28 Dec 09
Of course smoking is accepted, I do not live in a big city where people are so fll of themselves they try and deny things from everyone else, and I do not hang out with the government :)