My mom suffers from alcoholism...I don't know what to do.....

United States
December 9, 2009 3:11pm CST
My is in denial about her drinking problems. I tried to offer help but she doesn't want help. Lately it's gotten out of control where I had to call the police on her. My children are seeing her behavior patterns and she doesn't care. I asked her to move out of my house before I have to file an eviction notice to get help putting her our. I love my mother and don't want her to be on the streets, but how can I allow her to live in my home and disrespect my husband and talk bad about me to my children. Please, I'm open for suggestions.
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@sid556 (31005)
• United States
9 Dec 09
That's a tough spot you are in but you do have to put your foot down. It is your house....your rules. You have to think about your own well being and that of your children...your family. It is also for your mom's sake if you make and enforce a "no drinking" rule. She sounds as if she is unable to get the addiction under control on her own. Maybe a little shove will help her. It's called "tough love". She will either get the help she needs or she will move out. She will either find a friend to stay with or end up in jail or whatever. Hard as that all have to do what you have to do. Think about it...would your mom have let you live in her house and not obey her rules? this is no different.
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@MsWhtny (42)
• United States
23 Dec 09
I think you should think about your kids. I know that this is a hard situation but you just got to do what you got to do. Your mother has made up her mind that she wants to drink so right now all you can do is accept it. People will change ONLY when they are ready. I really hope things get better because I know how hard it is to continue and let someone you love hurt you so much.
• India
10 Dec 09
deniser dont be so upset with the issue. Better take her to a counsellor and work on her problems. Dont let your children be too sticky to her.Dont ever call police on her because it brings out more insecure feeling to her regarding d stay. Better handle it in soft way dear respecting her age. Just remind her about the childhood days you passed with her and how well she worked for ur bright future and all. HOpe she recovers soon.prayers for her
• United States
9 Dec 09
I think you have to stop thinking about your mother and start thinking about your babys and your husband Talk to her tell her that she has to move out and she would not be able to see her grand kids until she is cleared from the use of alcohl You have to be strong for your kids they are the onces that need you not your mother I'm sorry but she brought this on her self.
@Hatley (164507)
• Garden Grove, California
9 Dec 09
deniser28 you are in a sticky situation. get hold of Alcololics anonymous and get some real help, also there is a group that is an offshoot for the family of an alocoholic and AA will be able to give you all the ins and outs. your mom needs to be put into a clinic to dry out and I am sure AA can give you all the correct information about that. as I understand it as her daughter you could force her into such a program but they will better know about that than me. good luck. God bless.