How much time do you use your computer every day?

@codris (783)
December 21, 2009 5:20am CST
hi there people, usually i use my computer about 8 - 10 hors in a day, maybe more, i use it a lot for many things, to write, searching on internet, drowing with CAD and for other things, also for play with videogames. Sometimes my pc stay active for all the day, if i have to download something big. And what about you? how much time do you spend using the computer? Thank you for your responses :)
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@dranix10 (30)
• Philippines
27 Dec 09
I use my computer about 9 hours a day because, I always online in facebook, do some games, watching some movies and reading some articles in Internet....
@drannhh (15247)
• United States
22 Dec 09
Way too much! I do find processing photos and art works very time-consuming though. When I get tired and need a little break, usually instead of getting up and walking away from the computer, though, I just come to myLot to play a short time. But I do have a mini-trampoline in the room and do use it from time to time instead of sitting forever.
@carolbee (16241)
• United States
21 Dec 09
It really depends on the day and if I am going to be home. I'm retired so my time is all mine to do whatever I like. It's great! Would have to say approximately 5 hours a day. I work on a few sites, email friends and play games. I have been doing some data entering online which has taken me away from myLot. I do manage to read and respond to some discussions throughout the day so I can remain active.
• United Arab Emirates
21 Dec 09
i spend only 5 hours on computer i am a computer engineer
• Philippines
21 Dec 09
I don't have a job today so I spent the whole day, and after I got tired I sleep. I usually watch animes and live action drama and love story, and play a little bit.
@nautilus33 (1831)
21 Dec 09
HI! I use it for about 5-6 hours a day, just because I love watching movies and I also post here on mylot for about 1-2 hours a day