Why is it that a lot of famous people died this year?

@swirlz (3137)
December 22, 2009 2:32am CST
Haven't you noticed? In fact, this is the year that some of the biggest names had passed away. First, there was Michael Jackson which is the biggest name in the music industry, then Corazon Aquino, a very big name for Filipinos because she was the first woman president, and she lead the people power revolution that ended Marcos' dictatorial. There was also another leader in our country who passed away, they say he is the founder of the religion "Iglesia ni Cristo". Aside from them, there were also common celebrities who passed away. And I'll just add, that a few of personal acquaintances too, and that doesn't happen to me before. I know this is a weird topic to start during this holiday season, but having heard of Brittany Murphy's death just recently just made me realize this. I guess it's okay to look back and remember them during this season.
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@dodo19 (33989)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
22 Dec 09
Yes, I have noticed that. It's really sad though, because quite a few of them were pretty young too. It's really sad, to be honest.
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• China
22 Dec 09
Yes, swirlz, it seems many celebrities passed away in 2009. I'm also wondering about it. A few months ago, I read an article online whose title was similar with this discussion's title. Maybe the information nowadays spreads faster and wider than before, as the advanced IT technology. We can get news immediately. Also the life these days is more stressed, it makes people's health poorer than before, too. In another word, celebrities are always more stressed than our common people. But...anyway, we're alive. So enjoy everyday in our lives and keep healthy life.
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@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
22 Dec 09
Like Everyone Else,some Famous people die Every Year..it's only because they have managed to get their names recognised through a high profile career by many others that their passing is seized upon by the media to sell news and gossip..So they get to be missed not only by their own family,but by those touched by their work during their life,whether it was a long,eventful one,or a short,but interesting one..