What do you do when you are hungry but very sleep and tired at the same time?

@Lee777 (31)
December 22, 2009 7:44am CST
Have you ever experienced being so very tired and sleepy wherein you can't almost open your eyes, but the thing is you are also hungry at the same time? Which do you prefer first, sleep or eat?
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@ruchimom (280)
• Australia
24 Dec 09
Hi I generally eat instant noodles if that's the situation. because you can't sleep on a empty stomuch.
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@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
22 Dec 09
This actually was a problem for me just last night. I had trouble falling asleep because I was a little hungry. Then around 2am I was so hungry I couldn't believe it lol. The longer I laid there the hungrier I got, and I just knew if I didn't eat something I would never fall asleep. So, I raided the refridgerator, then crawled back in bed and promptly fell asleep. I don't know about others, but I cannot sleep when I'm hungry, no matter how tired I am. I guess I prefer to eat first, then sleep.
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@Tuanshun (138)
• China
27 Dec 09
I had such an experience before. After searching for food for a long time, I still got nothing to eat, 'cause it's very late then. At last i had to leave me stomach empty to go to bed, that really impressed me. After that, i usually stock some snacks at hand, so i can get by such situations.
@liquorice (3901)
24 Dec 09
That's a good question, and definitely one I can relate to. I often find myself being hungry when I want to go to bed. Sometimes I'm so tired it's hard to decide what to do. But I find it very difficult to sleep if I'm hungry. So I usually eat something, sometimes unhealthy things like crisps or chocolate, but other times I have a bowl of muesli and some milk. If I'm in bed already then I become hungry then rather than have to get up I try to drink some water and see if that helps, but usually it doesn't and I have to get up!
• India
22 Dec 09
Hi lee, When i am hungry and feel very sleepy and tired at the same time. I make sure atleast i have little food or else i wont get sleep at the middle of the night. Earlier when i was small in this situation my mom used to feed me. have a great day.