Old men are SO set in their ways! Ugh!

United States
@maezee (13551)
December 29, 2009 6:20pm CST
Actually, not old men per say. Just my dad. Here's the story: him and his friend, who lives upstairs of him, get up every morning before work and have coffee and cigarettes together in the porch (sometimes I join them) - no matter the weather or day. The coffee pot that my dad uses..Has to be from the early 1990's. It is ARCHAIC. It works, but it's so old, and doesn't have any "new fangled" features - like a timer, a re-usable filter, a clock, a coffee grinder, etc. So I decided what better of present to get him for Christmas, than a nice, new, coffee maker? So I bought it at Macy's (I got an employee discount, though, so don't be too shocked) and paid $50 for it. Which isn't all that much, but for someone who struggles with their money as much as me..Well, it's a miracle. Anyway, he was surprised (in a good way, I thought) when I gave it to him on Christmas Eve. Here it is, about 5 days after he's received it, and guess what I still see in my kitchen? That old, stinkin', circa 1992 coffee maker! NOT the new one in it's place. I asked him why he wasn't using his new one, but he didn't answer me. Anyway. Point being that he is so stubborn. And I just KNOW IT that he doesn't want to get rid of his old coffeepot because trying anything new would be, well.. just god forbid! Are any of the men (or women) in your life, who happen to be older, totally set in their ways? How do you encourage them to try new things?