Do you like rice cake?

@maria1081 (1252)
January 1, 2010 9:16am CST
I love rice cake, any cake will do. Infact we had rice cake this New Year. My mom cooked Bringhe (Filipino Paella) made with sticky rice, chicken, coconut milk, raisin, yellow ginger and a bit of sugar. What is strange abot me is that I still add white sugar on the top of bringhe before I eat it. Why? Because usually rice cakes are sweet and bringhe is not sweet so I always added sugar on it. What other Rice cake do you like?
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@sweetie1026 (1723)
• Philippines
14 Jan 10
I love rice cakes.But i guess we have some many kinds of rice cakes here. Like the one we call "kakanin" which is cooked in big ovens. Then we have the "bibingka" which is also a different kind of rice cake. The first one is of glutenous rice, boiled in coconut milk and sugar. It is then put on a big native tray or "bilao" layered with wilted banana leaves and topped with grated young coconut with coconut milk or condensed milk on top as it is baked in the oven for a few minutes more until the toppings is golden brown.
• United States
7 Jan 10
I've never tried that before. I don't really eat cake that much. Sometimes it's too sweet and hurts my teeth. I most of the time have cake for my birthday, but I don't eat alot of it if any at all.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
2 Jan 10
I do not think i have ever had or tried rice cake before. I have just started eating chicken fried rice though. I have tried the rice cakes and really like them alot. I have tried other rice and did not like it.
@samson1967 (7422)
• India
2 Jan 10
We make rice dumplings, similar to your rice cake using grated coconut, rice flour, jaggery, cardomom etc.... It is porr mans cake, but healthy and tasty.
• United States
1 Jan 10
When I hear "rice cake, I think of the kind that I see at the grocery store. However, they sound nothing like what you are talking about. The ones they sell in the stores by me are dry,most are flavorless, crunchy hard, dry things. What you are talking about sounds way more delicious! Boy, I need to start looking into different foods from different areas. It seems like when these larger companies try to make or imitate some foods, they turn out completely different than what they would taste like if it was home made!