Are you a follower of the calorie craze?

United States
January 5, 2010 12:11pm CST
Everyone seems to be so calorie conscious lately. I have seen people in the stores looking at boxes and putting stuff back, looking for the lowest calorie count. It seems to be an obsession in today's society. Are you one of the crazed lunatics who count calories at every turn? Are you one of the consumers who just shove food in their mouth, even if it contained 5,000 calories? When is calorie counters going to far? I sometimes read calorie counts, but I try to not make it a big deal. I, for the most part, just eat when I am hungry and not worry about the rest.
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@airakumar (1555)
• India
10 Mar 10
Yes, I do follow calorie but when necessary but calories also has many importance for your health. The number of calories in a food is a measure of how much potential energy that food will provide for your body. Different types of nutrients have different amounts of calories. I think energy needed to function at rest 60 to 70% of your daily calories. Men usually need more energy to function at rest than women do. The more physical activities you perform, the more daily calories you will need. Some diabetic patients have to follow a very strict 1500 calorie diabetes diet meal plan which does not consist of any kinds of fat and sugars. But thank God I am perfect...:-)
@anthony89 (154)
• United States
26 Jan 10
I am not calorie conscious since I mostly eat Organic Foods. I am more Dairy conscious and avoid it at all costs. I personally do not think calories are the major concern here, its more of the stuff that is in the food and how bad it is for us. The amount of mucus we have in our body to do processed food is what we should be worrying about.
@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
5 Jan 10
I am not that conscious of calories to look at every boxes for the calorie contents before buying them. I eat while I still have my good appetite. There will be a time when we lose our appetite and no amount of food can drive back our appetite. So eat while you still can.