Dealing with stubborn people

@jesssp (2743)
January 27, 2010 4:14pm CST
How do you deal with people who are excessively stubborn, close minded, narrow minded or just plain obstinate? What do you do when someone around you has their own ideas about things and their own ways of doing things but are often totally backwards, and sometimes totally WRONG, but are also not very open to suggestion? I like things done MY way, I freely admit that, but if my way bothers someone or interferes with them directly then I am open to change. I really dislike dealing with people who do things that bug me or mess me up in some way but won't listen to reason when I suggest a different method. I don't generally get too pushy if I don't feel it's my place to but when it's in my home or at my job then I do expect people to respect 'my way', even if they don't agree with it (as long as it doesn't affect them adversely). How do you get people to listen to reason and at least respect 'your way' - even if they don't necessarily agree with it - when they are super stubborn? Do you have a hard time dealing with stubborn people? Are you a stubborn person yourself? I am in the position of being a stubborn person having trouble dealing with another (different kind of) stubborn person. I try to meet in the middle but don't really feel that I need to be overly flexible since it's on my turf, so to speak. How do you assert 'your way' without looking, and feeling, like a jerk?