Do you think Comelec could fulfill their duties this coming May elections?

February 3, 2010 9:36am CST
The Commission on Election (Comelec) still has a lot of things to do before the May election. They have to fix glitches with their machines, complete the supply for Automated Poll machine and have to train a lot of teachers. They have a new problems,there are reports that a lot of signal Jammers were smuggle in the country. Is there enough time for Comelec to finish their preparations? What are your thoughts?
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@rsa101 (16699)
• Quezon City, Philippines
3 Feb 10
Well I am a bit more concerned about the trainings because there seems to have a lot of delays in it. The first training they had in Pateros was said to have failed to send the signal to Comelec when they were transmitting the data wirelessly. I guess if that training are failed to send, what more when the actual elections are being held nationwide. And what is embarrassing about that is that it was held here in Metro Manila were the signals of cellphone are supposed to be strong anywhere you are. In the Provinces that could become a big problem since not all areas are having a good signal from the cellphone companies. I think with the jamming devices being imported I am glad that this early point this issue is being addressed at. The news said that Comelec will buy anti jamming devices to counter this threat. I just hope that they would be able to send the equipment nationwide in time as the counting machines are still being manufactured and delivered here in the Philippines as of this time.
@rsa101 (16699)
• Quezon City, Philippines
22 Mar 10
I went to Comelec website and there is this link to verify what precinct you are assigned. I know where my precinct is and I have been a voter in that precinct in that area for quite some time already. I never change my precinct ever since so I was confident to see my name there. But upon checking this link it said that my name was deactivated there and I might not be able to exercise my right to vote. I checked my wife's records and hers was still activated and there's nothing wrong with her record. Why did they deactivate my name there. I became disappointed upon knowing this. I will try to contact their office if the information I got from internet was true. But I think I would be very disappointed if I could not exercise my right for this election.
@jd107nette (1456)
• Philippines
20 Mar 10
even until now, that 2 months have passed, there are several problems that are still existing.. i don't think the comelec trained any teachers for this upcoming event. ARGH! I wish my vote wouldn't be wasted this election for any circumstances that might occur. i can only hope for no cheating to occur.
• Philippines
4 Feb 10
It is possible that this coming election will have its flaws. However, even if there will be flaws in this election, I am still happy that at least there are changes. Now, let us not be over joyed by this because small changes are still small. I hope that if there will be flaws, they could resolve that to the next one (what's the next after 2010?). By the way, I remember that changes can lead to more changes so still, I am hopeful.