Kids Sticking Objects in Their Nose, Ears, and Mouth

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February 6, 2010 10:53am CST
Two years ago for Christmas one of our kids got Pixels as a Christmas present. The next day he came up to me and asked if a person would die if they got something stuck in their body. Upon further investigation we found out that he had out one of the Pixels in his ear. We went to the emergency room where they couldn't get it out, so they refered us to an ear, nose, and throat specialist who finally got it out. Fast forward a few months and the youngest had a physical at the doctor, and when they lookd in is ear, surprise, suprise - he had a pixel in his ear too! Back to the specialist we went. Kids are notorious for putting things up their mouth, nose and ears. Have you or your kids ever headed to the emergency room to remove a foreign object?
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9 Feb 10
Yes !! when my oldest daughter was about 3( she's 8 now) but when she was about 3 for about 2 days she kept telling me her ear hurt but I looked and looked and I couldn't find anything I even tried sweet oil in her ear to maybe wash it out but it still didn't help, morning morning came and I took her to the doc, after looking for in her ear for a few minutes she left the room and came back in with this huge,long needle thing that she stuck down in my daughters ear she pulled out a tiny barbie earring !!! It scared her and maybe hurt her a bit the doc sticking the needle into her ear but she never stuck anything in her ear after that !!!
@kezabelle (2985)
8 Feb 10
My girls have been pretty good about not putting things where they shouldnt go! My youngest was the only one to do and she put a bead up her nose a few months ago she is almost 4 thankfully while it was small enough to go up there it was too big to go too far up there and we could squeeze it back out, it scared her so much tho she hasnt ever tried it again!
@hagirl (1296)
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8 Feb 10
My neighbor came to our house and reported to us (while she was crying) that our granddaughter is sticking her fingers in her own v*gina all the way to where here fingers join her hand.... I was shocked and mortified because we had not seen here for 8 months and we thought her grandmother was taking care of her.....She says she does it everytime she gets a diaper change.... In that she was about potty trained at my house and should not even be wearing diapers..... Do you think this is a normal trait for a little girl? I know children are curious at age 2 but to put her finger that far inside of her self does not sound normal to me.... Tried to report and they said that it was third party would not take.... the girl would not report because my granddaughters dad beat up her husband at the grocery store.... Small town life isn't it great.... I could not even get them to press charges on that one and offered them a ride to the DA.
@lilybug (21148)
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7 Feb 10
My son once put a grape up his nose, but that is all. I got it out no problem. So far my daughter has not put anything up her nose or in her ear. She just turned three though, so I guess I still have time for her to do something silly like that.
@jugsjugs (13045)
6 Feb 10
I have a son that put a tooth in his ear and we ended up at the hospital and they took it out,three months passed and he then put a bit of plastic snake in his ear that he had cut up,away we went to the hospital again and they had a problem getting that out as well as this time it hurt to have it taken out of his ear.Thankfully none of the other children have done this and neither has my son done it again.
@mzz663 (2775)
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6 Feb 10
My own kids never really did things like that but my niece got the tip of a q-tip stuck in her ear (it just came off of the end of the q-tip) and then another niece got the end of a pen stuck in her nose, it had to be taken out by a specialist. The cotton from the q-tip was affecting her hearing and the other was affecting her sinuses. Neither of the girls told my sister the stuff that they had put in their heads and were complaining about the problems that the things were causing and that's how they were found.